Divi Client Safe


Protect a website from clients who may access, alter & upset the back end settings.

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Divi Client Safe

Ensures that your website development work will be protected from curious clients. With Divi Client Safe, you’re able to hide a number of key pages from your client’s WordPress Dashboard, thus protecting your build from their potential tinkering. Divi Client Safe also allows you to remove any update notifications for plugins, themes, and WordPress core, making sure that you have full control over key site upgrades.

Divi Client Safe is a powerful plugin that helps protect a web build from clients who may access, alter and upset the back end composition of a website. With Divi Client Safe, you’re able to hide a number of items from the WordPress menu bar including Divi Theme Options, Dashboard, and Updates, Plugins, Themes, File Editor Tab, Widgets, Settings, and Tools. Not only does this create a clutter free WordPress dashboard for your clients, but it also offers them a hassle free web content publishing experience with their web asset. As well as the menu items, Divi Client Safe also disguises the update notifications for plugins, themes and WordPress core from your client. This ensures that your client will not be tempted to run upgrades out of curiosity, and too, that you and you alone will be in charge of important site edits and updates.