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Toolkit for adding & editing dynamic content in Divi that you can search & filter.

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Divi Machine

Toolkit for adding and editing dynamic content in Divi that you can search and filter. Integrates perfectly with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

Packed full of features:

Free Layout Packs
We create layout packs for you to download and use on your website builds. These “premium” layout packs include all you need, including a settings file to import and get all the Machine settings sorted. We hope you love them, we will keep adding to the list so be sure to check back

Create Custom Posts
A custom post type is exactly the same as a regular post, just with a different name. In Divi, the portfolio is a custom post or in WooCommerce, the products are one too. Create your own for your website. Need to create a testimonial section, no problem – simply add a custom post called “testimonials” in our settings. Now you can add as many of these testimonials as you want.

ACF Integrated
Advanced Custom Fields is a plugin that has been around for a long time and is a trusted source for creating and displaying custom fields.

It allows you to create and show additional information for your custom post. For example, you want to create a team member’s custom post – the custom fields would be “name”, “title”, “Twitter URL” and so on.

Divi Machine extends things further and allows you more control. For example we give you the possibility of creating a gallery with the free version of ACF (when you would have to buy the pro version ordinarily), adding custom labels, icons/images before the value or creating effects like flipping the thumbnail image on hover. We really give you a lot of control on how you display the content.

Archive Pages
The core of what we do – give you complete control of how you want your site to look. Use our modules to show the categories available and your custom posts. On this page you can add things like ajax filters, orderby, category loop and most important the archive loop of posts.

Where it gets supercharged is what we call a “custom loop layout”. With this, you get to define exactly how your posts look on the archive page. For example, you want to show the number of bedrooms or bathrooms – you can use the Divi Builder to choose exactly what each post will show and how it will look.

Single Pages
Using the Divi Theme Builder, you can create single pages for your custom posts. We have modules you can use on this template such as the gallery slider as well as ACF items to display the additional information.

Ajax Filters
One of the most exciting and powerful features of Divi Machine. We allow you to have complete control (thanks to the Divi Builder) on what content to filter and how it looks. We have added helpful tools like number sliders for your viewers to easily change the filters and the posts to update with what they want to see.

Ajax allows us to update the content without reloading the page, for example, if you search for houses between £100,000 and £300,000 – it will filter out all the houses that are not in this price range and update the results without reloading the page.

Our ajax is super quick too so don’t worry about waiting ages for the results to load.

NOTE: The ajax filters do not work with WooCommerce or other plugins like this. It will only work with Divi Machine and content created by machine. Soon we will integrate ajax filter for Divi BodyCommerce and WooCommerce.

Ajax Sorting
This is one of the simplest yet our one of our favourite features of Divi Machine. Using the Divi Builder you can choose exactly what possibilities you want your viewers to order the posts by.

For example, let’s say you want to add in the select dropdown to order the posts by the highest price. Add in our settings your ACF for the price and choose descending – now when someone selects this, the posts will sort by the highest price to lowest. You can order by date, relevance or any ACF you create.

Ajax Load More
Hate having to wait in loading your site? Ajax load more helps in two ways.

  1. Load fewer posts on the initial load
  2. Don’t reload the page (and all the assets) when loading new posts.

With ajax load more, a button will appear below the posts. When this is clicked, more posts will load on your page without reloading.

Search Forms
Do you need to add a complex, custom search form on your website? Similar to the filters, we give you complete control on what you can add to the search form and how it looks. The beauty of this is that you use the Divi Builder so no need to use other form plugins or code it yourself.

ACF Repeater
The ACF repeater module is where things get interesting. There are two ways to use this.

  • Repeat single ACF items: These can be normal ACF fields.
  • Repeater field: With the pro version, you can have a repeater field where this contains multiple ACF fields in there.

In both cases, you can specify settings like the grid columns on desktop, tablet and mobile. This way, for example, you can have three pieces of information displayed in a row without having to use the Divi columns.

Slider Carousel
We give you more options to display your posts. You can create a slider or carousel to show your posts in the Divi Builder. Filter by ACF to create complex post loops like “featured” or “new” posts.

In Divi, you cannot create a gallery with ACF. Furthermore, with the free version of ACF – there is no gallery field. Divi Machine fixes this. We give you the possibility of creating a gallery for the free and pro version of ACF. We allow you to create a gallery grid or slider to show exactly what you want and where you want it.

Grid and Masonry Layouts
Have complete control of the grid column size on desktop, tablet and mobile. We also give you the ability to display it as a list, grid or masonry layout.

Custom Categories and Tags
By default when you create a custom post, it shares the same categories and tags as posts. This may work for you but it can get confusing and conflicts can happen. We give you the ability to create custom categories or tags for your custom posts – this way you can separate them from each custom post and regular posts.

Visual Builder Compatible
All our modules with the exception of the modules that have children (filter, meta, repeater, orderby) are fully compatible with the Divi Builder. We are working on getting the children supported too.