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Create an awesome, responsive, touch-enabled before-after slider to increase user interaction.

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Before After Slider

Comparing two images side by side can be hard – everybody who ever played a “spot the difference” game knows that. Luckily, there is a way to make this task not only easy but fun too – and it will increase your user interaction and retention time, which will give your site a nice boost in the search engine ranks.

Before After Slider for Divi lets you compare images in one module, using a slider which you can move back and forth to hide or reveal one image over the other. The module couldn’t get any simpler in terms of usage and setup.

Simply choose your images, the alt tags, the slider direction (horizontal/vertical) and the slider starting position (0%-100%). Before After Slider for Divi will do the rest and create an awesome, responsive, touch-enabled before-after-slider which looks great on any device and is immediately understood by everyone who uses it – even if it is their first time seeing such a module.