Revealing Footer


Adds a cool footer that is hidden but reveals as you scroll to the bottom of the page.

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Revealing Footer

Adds a cool revealing footer effect to your Divi or Extra blog. While initially hidden behind the content, as you scroll to the bottom of the page, the footer is revealed as if a curtain is lifted.

Why should you choose our product over some custom CSS?

  • Our plugin is fully self-contained – no coding required
  • Our plugin is easy to use – no setup required
  • Our plugin is fully responsive and will adopt to any footer layout
  • Our plugin works well together with layout injection plugins which inject layouts into the footer element
  • Our plugin dynamically adopts to dynamic size changes of the footer (e. g. after expanding an element)
  • Our plugin is lightweight – it adds almost no footprint and keeps your site super fast
  • Out plugin works with Divi and Extra

Revealing Footer is fully responsive and works on any native Divi and Extra post and page template. And because we are convinced of our product and want to offer you a superior service, we give you not a year but a lifetime of free support!