Loyalty Points and Rewards


Create dynamic loyalty rewards and referral programs for your WooCommerce store.

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Loyalty Points and Rewards

Create loyalty rewards and referral programs for your WooCommerce store. Drive more repeat sales by rewarding your customers with points. Turn customers into brand advocates by making every interaction count. Engage customers during different phases of their journey. Reward specific actions and build relationships as you grow.

Create Dynamic WooCommerce Customer Loyalty Programs

  • Reward points when customers sign up.
  • Reward your customers when they complete a purchase.
  • Encourage customers by giving points when they write a review.
  • Increase chances to earn points by creating WooCommerce referral programs.

Boost Your Word-Of-Mouth Advertising

  • Reward points for referrals.
  • Bonus points when a referral completes a purchase.
  • Automatically redeem points based on referral rules.
  • Choose whether or not to give discounts to new customers.

In-Depth Analytics Dashboard

Do more with a dashboard that tells you everything. A clean and a user-friendly dashboard gives deep insights about your WooCommerce customer loyalty program. No more toggling between multiple screens.

  • View total points awarded, redeemed and more.
  • Check individual customer details – points, referral code and referral URL.
  • Custom filter options to view insights for a particular timeline.
  • Dedicated section to view recent activities of customers.

Increase Sales Numbers

Effective reward system helps generate more sales.

Build a Loyal Customer Base

Rewards in exchange for loyalty to build a brand advocates.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Increase repeat purchases & recurring revenue.

Grow Your Brand Value

Get recognized, drive traffic and accelerate revenue.

Increase Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Make people talk about your brand – free marketing.

Stay Ahead of Competitors

Customer loyalty programs help step up your game.