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Add on for the Divi Module Builder plugin to convert your custom modules to plugins.

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Divi Plugin Creator

This add-on takes the Divi Module Builder to another level. Without this add-on, custom modules require the Divi Module Builder or the Divi Module Importer plugin to become available in the Page Builder. With this add-on, neither of those plugins are needed to add a module to the Page Builder. The Divi Plugin Creator transforms your modules into standalone plugins.

Do whatever you want with the plugins created. They’re yours after all! Sell them, install them on client websites, include them in Divi child themes. Plugins created by the Divi Plugin Creator are real WordPress plugins.

Simply install the add-on to a site that has the Divi Module Builder plugin installed. You’ll see a new tab available “Plugin Creator” under the Divi Module Builder menu. On this page you can select any published custom module, provide the plugin information (name, author, version, etc.), add any external dependencies if required. Click the button and your plugin is created, instantly available to download! It’s that easy!

Note: The Divi Module Builder plugin is required for this add-on to work.