Why is GeneratePress so awesome?

Here are my 10 reasons

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GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme created by Tom Usborne, a developer from Vancouver Island, Canada.

Please note that GPX is not directly associated with Tom or GeneratePress. I am just an average Joe who is already using the GP theme and I started this website for two reasons.

First, I wanted to create a place where people who are using the GP theme could showcase their work and promote their web design talent.

And secondly, I wanted to create a central resource that everyone in the GP and WP communities could turn to for inspiration and fresh design ideas.

The internet is a vast sea of information. Some of it good. Some of it bad. It can be difficult, and time consuming, to sort through all of the waffle.

With that in mind, I thought it best to keep things simple and just list for you the 10 reasons why I think that GeneratePress is awesome.

Thanks for visiting GPX and I wish you great success with your next website project.

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10 Reasons why GeneratePress is awesome

  • 1. Great support: GeneratePress has an extensive knowledge base and an active support forum. You can check out the forum here. Whenever I ask Tom a question, he gets back to me swiftly with a meaningful reply. If you are a newcomer to the WordPress environment you will find the great support that comes with the GP theme invaluable.
  • 2. Easy to use: Working with GP is simple and easy. There a lots of options to change the design and layout of your website and everything is handled in one spot via the live customizer. Having all of the options for customization in one spot reduces the learning curve for new users and helps advanced users to speed up their development workflow.
  • 3. The Premium version is a bargain: The Premium plugin for GeneratePress consists of 15 add-ons that provide you with advanced options for key features including: colors, typography, WooCommerce, sections, menus, page headers, backgrounds, spacing, and disabling elements. The add-ons are modular, so you can turn each one on, or off, as you need it. This helps to keep your theme optimized and running at its very best. For me, purchasing GP Premium was a no brainer. It adds amazing additional functionality to your theme and at $39.95 for a lifetime subscription (and for unlimited websites) it is a genuine bargain.
  • 4. Page builder compatible: Some popular themes come with their own page builder. You are locked in to using that system and may also have to pay an annual fee. A cool thing about GeneratePress is that it does not include a page builder, but it is fully compatible if you do want to use one. The choice is left up to you! If you decide that you do want to use one, the GP theme works perfectly with a free and powerful new open source page builder called Elementor.
  • 5. Well coded: The code for GeneratePress is rock solid and Tom updates it frequently. GP works with everything. If you install a new WordPress plugin and you find a bug, you can be 99.99% sure that the problem is in the plugin and not in your GP theme.
  • 6. Lightweight and fast: Because GP is well coded it is lightweight and fast. If you test a fresh install of the theme with resources such as Pingdom or GT Metrix you will see that it attains some remarkable page load speeds. When you install GP Premium, the disable elements add-on also gives you the option to remove any parts of the theme layout that you are not using to ensure your website is always running at its optimum.
  • 7. Responsive and SEO friendly: The GP theme is fully responsive so it looks great on a full sized screen, tablet or mobile. It is also integrated with Schema microdata so that it is fully optimized for interaction with search engines.
  • 8. Comes with hooks, filters and icons: Once you get your teeth into developing with WordPress you will realise that hooks and filters are important. GeneratePress comes with lots of them to make your development quick and easy. There are also 600 Font Awesome icons included.
  • 9. Works with foreign languages: GeneratePress has translations for over 20 languages. Need to build a site in Spanish, German, Italian, French or Russian? No problem, you are good to go.
  • 10. It’s free: If my other 9 reasons have not convinced you, don’t forget that the GeneratePress theme is free. You can download GP, have a tinker, and make your own conclusions.

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